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inside SEAT


Everyone knows our cars, but maybe not what we do backstage. The moment you turn on the engine a beautiful process comes to an end: a multifaceted behind-the-scenes that starts with an idea of a car. Discover it here.


SEAT + The Guardian

Take an inside look at SEAT with a series of interactive articles that explore our passion for design, performance and innovation. Listen to interviews between SEAT and world-renowned talents to understand the inspiration for their work.


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Engineering Beauty

Look at a SEAT from a distance, you’ll see a vehicle that is skilfully shaped and crafted to turn heads. Take a closer look, and you’ll see the same beauty reflected in the tiniest details. That’s because our idea of perfection infuses every aspect of our

The Ideas That You Drive

What’s our formula for innovation at SEAT? We assemble a workforce of 1,000 highly talented people in our Technical Centre, where they conceptualise, design and develop our much-loved cars – always with your automotive dreams and desires in mind.

Love the Drive

It’s never been about going faster or getting there sooner. Whether long or short, we think journeys should be enjoyable. That’s why we focus not only on the driving pleasure of the one behind the wheel, but also the comfort of those along for the ride.

A Passion for Perfection

Those who chase perfection know that sometimes the smallest detail can make the biggest difference. That’s why the people who build our cars are so attuned to noticing the tiniest fluctuations in quality – the kind of quality that will make you fall in love with your SEAT.

Your Stories Make Our History

Our journey started more than 60 years ago. And our history is made up of the millions of stories that have come out of each and every car that we’ve manufactured.

The engine that drives us

Our people. Their enthusiasm, commitment and skills are the dynamic force behind the SEAT cars that you love so much.