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If you chase perfection, you’ll know that sometimes the smallest detail can make the biggest difference. That’s why the people who build our cars are so attuned to noticing the tiniest fluctuations in quality – the kind of quality that will make you fall in love with your SEAT.


The Dancing Robots

Each one of our 2,000 robots moves in complete synchronicity to ensure the consistently faultless quality of our cars. Guided by the SEAT team, they work with such precision that it looks like a perfectly choreographed routine.


The Human Touch

The most superior automated technology is fundamental to our manufacturing process – however, human intervention is key. It’s the human hand and eye, the expertise and intuition of our team, that really ensure our cars reach perfection.


Beauty & Perfection

Every detail in the SEAT design process embodies beauty and functionality, resulting in perfection. The design lines or Blisters are one of the elements that are created and crafted to convey the car’s personality and express our DNA.


Intelligent Manufacturing

SEAT cars share the basic structure of the same sized vehicles from the Volkswagen Group. This assures efficiency and the highest standards across all Volkswagen Group vehicles, while also providing the best value for our customers.


Always Chasing Perfection

Perfection is the result of three things: hard work, passion and care. This belief ensures we always pass our strict quality assurance tests, and exceed customer expectations every time.


Excellence in Efficiency

SEAT won the prestigious international 2013 Lean Award for the efficiency of its production processes. This award celebrates the world’s best factories in terms of their innovation and flexibility, and the way in which this was achieved.

Beautiful cars to make beautiful things happen