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Our journey started more than 60 years ago. And our history is made up of the millions of stories that have come out of each and every car that we’ve manufactured.

Digital Museum

In May 2015 we challenged 40 young architects to come to Barcelona and compete to design our new Digital Museum. After 48 hours of non-stop work we now have a beautiful, worthy space on its way to becoming a virtual reality.


Hidden treasure

Love a mystery? SEAT has a secret museum packed with hidden treasures. It’s called the A122, and inside you’ll find the largest known collection of classic and concept SEAT cars. Each one has its own special story for you to discover.

SEAT 600

Spain Gets Moving

Launched in 1957, the 600 changed not only the Spanish automotive industry, but also the lives of the Spanish people themselves. It ignited a real passion for a locally produced car, and helped get the whole country moving.

THE 1400

A Big Debut for SEAT

Launched in 1953, the 1400 was the first SEAT: a big comfortable high-class saloon car. Its impeccable design was a big hit with Spanish drivers, and so it became an icon of its time.


A Legend is Born

In 1984 the SEAT Ibiza achieved a milestone for the company: it kicked off our expansion abroad. With more than five million units sold, it is the flag bearer of our young and spirited brand across the world.